Now that you’ve read every word and memorized every photo, there’s just one more thing left to do.... send me your feedback!  Web sites are a great vehicle for sharing and exchanging those e-conversations and if I don’t hear from you, I’ll never know what you’re doing with your boat. Whatever you’ve done, there’s someone else who probably hasn’t seen or thought of it that way and we can all learn something from you.

Along with your feedback, you might also include the following details about your boat such as:  Boat name / Size / Year Built / Hull # / Location where sailed.  Seems that no one knows how many boats were built of each size and with your help, I’m able to collect enough information to establish some form of database. (I will only show your listing online with your permission.)

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When you send your email, make sure you put something in the “subject” line of your email that relates to Nordica or Halman or some other boating words unique to this site. Due to the increasing amount of spam received, I have to use a filtering program that screens out the junk mail from your messages and if it doesn’t look like, read like or sorta smell like a message from an interested boating reader, it’s likely to get dumped immediately. Please choose your wording carefully. I really appreciate hearing from you but do not have the time any longer to screen thru every email.

And if you’ve sent an email and have not received a reply within a couple of weeks.... please try again. I’m sometimes unable to obtain email access when traveling for extended periods.

Thanks for visiting this site. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you will help to develop it further with your contributions of knowledge and experiences in your own Nordica or Halman sailboat. - Loyd May

Your privacy is important to us. No attempt will be made to share, distribute, sell or otherwise market any names or contacts made thru this web site. If you want to see your e-mail address listed, please request it.  There is no liability assumed for information provided or specifications shown.  This web site has no affiliation with the original companies (Exe Fibercraft or Halman Manufacturing) or any of it’s officers or affiliate associations.  The sole purpose for this site is to serve as an information exchange resource for owners and admirers of this line of boats.

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