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The odd thing is that this photo and a brief request for some information about it has been shown on the site for several months now... with a request to respond if you know anything about it or how this “Nordica Opener” came about. After all this time, absolutely “no one” came forward so we’ll have to move this into the “TBC” category (To be Continued) - meaning, you’ve got more time to come up with some story if you can. It is using the same font as was used on the “official” Nordica site and published info, so my guess is that it was “legal” at least to the point of serving some purpose at a local pub somewhere!

If you click on the photo, you’re going to see some more of the rebuild photos on a Nordica 20 that’s underway right now by Cap’n Chris. Click on the image and check out some more of the updates from the Cap’n - He’s done some really nice work on his rebuilding project and you could too if you get your wheels turning and maybe the back pockets of your jeans off the couch to start doing something similar to that hull in your back yard. You never know what’s possible until you take the first step in that direction.

If you are a current or past owner of a nordica sailboat, or just a bit curious about what this line of boats looks like, then this web site is for you.  It’s not going to have anything about Nautors, Nauticats, Nordics, Nordships, Nor’Seas, Norsemens or Nordfarer’s, so don’t be surprised. What you will find is some useful information and specifications about the models that were manufactured in Canada by a company called Exe Fibercraft in the mid 70’s to the early 80’s and sold under the name of Nordica along with some very interesting pictures of boats that the owners would really like for you to see

Almost all sailboat owners have “projects” that will add to or enhance the original manufacturers end results. It’s always helpful to see what types of issues others have had and how they might have resolved them. The Nordicas that are still sailing today have been doing so without “factory help” for a long time so if you were instrumental in finding ways to keep them afloat and in good condition, then we’d appreciate hearing from you.

  I hope you enjoy the site and welcome your feedback.

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