Built by Kahlenberg - est. weight 6-800 lbs / Length 5~6 ft.

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Here’s an interesting photo for those who are wishing for a good solid inboard diesel in their Nordica or Halman.. It takes a lot of space for a little horsepower... I didn’t find out how many actual hp it might have produced but it probably didn’t permit a normal conversation within 300 yds. It was however, better than the other alternatives at that time. The manufacturer is still in business and now builds propellers instead. This shot was taken in Bayfield Wisconsin where you can visit their maritime museum and learn more about the boats and engines of that area.

Check out this site for another interesting view... [http://www2.uwsuper.edu/acaddept/biology/LSRI/LLSmith/Llsmithe.htm]

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