Nomade - 15

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I’ve received quite a few inquiries from owners of N-16’s and N-20’s who want to know where they can get the plans to do this to their boats. Unfortunately I don’t know of any and I’ve recently found out a bit more about this idea.

Seems that the Dutch Midget 20’s are made (from the factory) with either an outboard fitted up this way or with a small diesel inside (including some rare Vire7 gas engines.) The owner who told me about this said it was a pretty difficult installation to get this done with limited space and access. He also said that he knew of only (2) Midget 20’s in the Netherlands that had their outboards fitted on an exterior bracket.

Thanks to Cap’n Hielke for this information.... he sailed a Midget 20 by the name of “Drijfveer.”

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