Nordica 20 - Notice the fwd port (round) and the forward slope of the two larger side ports and the leading edge profile of the keel.

Halman 20 - The fwd port is oval shaped and the larger side ports both slope to the stern plus the slightly different step in the keel.

Both sketches - courtesy of Max Wade Averitt

1024 x 768 for best resolution

While the Nordica 20 and the Halman 20 are often mistaken for each other and according to some sources, the design of the Halman 20 was inspired by the Nordica 20. Atleast a few Halman owners thought it was the other way around.  They are two different boats though, built by two different manufacturers. One significant difference is in the hull construction. The Nordica was built from two halves and joined during construction while the Halman was a single pc hull layup. It’s hard to see much of this when they’re in the water.

The Nordica 20 specs are: L.O.A. is 19’ 6” -  LWL is 16’ 6” -  Beam is 7’ 8” -  Draft (full keel) is 3’ 3” - Displacement is 2520 lbs.  - Ballast is 1026 lbs. -  Mast height above W/L is 30’ 0” and was offered with a 4-10 hp diesel engine option. Sleeps 4 with a compact v-berth forward and two settee bunks in the main cabin.  Sail area is 188 sq. ft.  The Halman 20 by comparison shows just 20 lbs less displacement, 26 lbs less ballast, has a 2’ 10” draft and by visual comparison of the spec pages, has a slightly more “stepped” forefoot on the keel profile when compared to the Nordica.

Here’s a nice photo of Ernie Mee who sails his 1979 Nordica 20 called “Meeand’er” out of Frenchmans Bay Ontario. Be sure to notice the single side port installation. Others have the double windows per side like the sketch above indicates.                                          Thanks Ernie

N-20 Profile

Here’s a photo of Farfarer - a good looking Halman 20. See how the ports slope up and aft and the foremost port is rectangular.           Thanks Grover

Quick.... find your “specs” and grab your check book. These ads looks like really good deals to me. 

Marsha Edmonds” has a single cylinder 7 hp BMW inboard diesel with a 28 liter fuel tank plus a full range of instruments for some serious cruising. You can see the roller furling and bowsprit along with several other areas of fine teak work that compliment the lines nicely.

She may not be for sale, but you can bet she’s going to attract a lot of potential buyers.

Thanks to PL for these great shots.

Check out this fine looking Nordica 20 from Cap’n “Perro Loco” She’s named “Marsha Edmonds” and sails on one of the cleanest, deepest, largest and at times one of the most dangerous lakes around - Lake Superior.  It appears that M.E. is well prepared to take you out and back in comfort and style.

She’s a 1981 model that was salvaged from some serious storm damage and restored by her owner who say’s “she’s not for sale at any price” but we’ve heard that before!

The photos are of “Brad’s new boat” - which he has aptly decided to name after having her for a while. She’s a 1977 Nordica 20 - hull # 157. Notice the port aft quarter..... no outboard hanging there! She’s still turning that prop with the original Westerbeke diesel (believe it’s a 7 hp.) Looks like the the interior is well organized and has just what you need in the place you need to keep it! A good trait to consider when you have to make optimum use of all the space you have available.

The cap’ns promised to come up with a meaningful and appropriate name by next Spring, so let us know when you’ve decided what name best represents this great looking Nordica. 

Click on these shots for a larger view fore, aft, port and starboard.         Thanks Brad

Everyone likes to read “testimonials” from those who have actually endured the experiences. Maybe it adds some level of credibility to our choices or opinions when we believe (i.e. read) that someone else has “had the same line of thought that we did.” - In any case, I received an email from Shamus who wrote “I’ve had this little boat called “The Mighty Sloop Peanut” for the past three years and have only this year managed to put her in the water for the first time.... WOW!!!! - this little boat sails wonderfully!!!!


And there you have it, an absolutely unsolicited opinion from another happy owner. What more could a good advertisement say!

Sometimes out of the blue I get an email from someone who has been out “walking the docks” or trying to find a hidden anchorage in some far off location and !@#$@#^ all of a sudden they find something of real interest (to themselves and probably to other readers.) There are several really nice photos of this N-20 “Fishermens” model... now looking more like the “Country Gentlemens” model! I think you’ll really enjoy seeing more of this one. - Thanks to Cap’n Larry for finding, photographing and sending these shots to me. Now I’d like to hear from the real owner to find out who did this creative deed that turn out so nice. - LM

Thanks to “Cap’n Harry” - here’s a link to some additional information on the Nordica 20’s .... It’s one of the “Yahoo groups” and may have just the information or photos you’re looking for.

[http://groups/] - Hope you will pass this link on to your friends... Thanks Harry.

Here’s some nice photos from Cap’n Mark - the owner of “Rubato” - a nice looking 1979 Nordica 20. She sails in the Great Lakes and has had numerous added features to make those trips more comfortable.

The photo on the left shows the table in place that also serves as a filler (just forward) in the V-berth area.

Mark has added an Autohelm, marine head and holding tank, solar charger and has modified the bulkheads for more leg room in the quarter berth area.

Nice work Mark - LM


Mark has started to “ditch the astroturf” and replace it with a nicer looking and more funtional insulation via the foam panels.

Should make it quieter on those rainy days as well.

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