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Steve’s boat was really nicely outfitted with a Pacific Northwest “necessity” - it’s not really one but having a nice fitting dodger sure gives you some protection from the sometimes cool and always “wet” showers that show up at the most unexpected times.

For a smaller boat, it’s a really great bit of protection during milder weather as well to just leave the hatchboards out, the cover open and fresh air coming in.

If you get chance to check out any charts for the Puget Sound area, stick a tack into the location (on Whidbey Island) for Oak Harbor and then draw a 50 mile radius around that point and you’ll have a full summer of opportunities for places to explore.

As Steve found out, it’s sometimes not the best sailing in the summer (he says you need wind for something like that.....) and his outboard helped to get him there anyway... in spite of some of the tides that he learned about as well.

Every part of the country (and world) has some different circumstances to deal with in water routes and we talked about the planning necessary just to go from Oak Harbor north as opposed to west or south. The tides in a lot of places are going to win quite often and it’s a good strategy “to be going the same direction anyway.” That’s part of the real fun in being able to move your boat to a new “home base” somewhere and see what else you can learn.  Hope you’ll come back again Steve ..... LM

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