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I recently received some great looking photos of Cap’n Jacques boat by the name of “Sultan” - a really nicely appointed Halman-20. There’s quite a few photos on the site of Halmans but these have some “extras” that you don’t see too often. The Cap’n recently purchased this boat so as much as he would like to take credit for the modifications, he’s simply taking credit for making a wise purchase... nothing wrong with that either when you’re buying boats. Enjoy the photos and study the details... it’s like the weatherman usually says about bad weather, “it’s all in the details!”


Even those “Cap’ns out there with no hair to their head, would appreciate the chance to “stay out of the wind” with this great looking enclosure around the companionway. This has to make the lighting and sense of space much more appealing once you’re down below.


People see photos of your boat and those nosy neighbors passing by might also take a glance at the boat and just like that... they’re gone, but if you don’t spend more time than this looking, you’ll miss that little hole in the forward section of the hull - just below the waterline! Nope, that’s not a huge thru hull to get rid of last weeks sandwiches in record time, it’s a bow thruster and what a treat this must be when you’re trying to make your efforts at single-handed docking “look easy!” This is the first time I’ve seen either a Nordica or Halman equipped with one, but why not! They’re made to be of help and I’m sure it is. Maybe Cap’n Jacques will share a couple more photos sometime in the future with us - I’d like to see what the interior looks like on a sunny day and what other little tricks did someone see the need for.

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